NE 24 | A survey of nuclear engineering

Spring 2020. Mondays 3pm-4pm.

Seminar topics:

  • Introduction and learning goals
  • Nuclear Reactors and Safety | Raluca Scarlat
  • Light Water Reactors | Peter Hosemann and Raluca Scarlat
  • Radiological Imaging | Youngho Seo (UCSF) & Kai Vetter
  • Career paths | Graduate Student Panel
  • Nuclear Start-up Companies | Rachel Slaybaugh & Per Peterson
  • March 16, 2020 | Decarbonizing the energy grid with nuclear | Dan Kammen & Raluca Scarlat | Zoom Link
  • March 30, 2020 | Medical Isotopes | Lee Bernstein & Rebecca Abergel
  • Fukushima | Kai Vetter and Haruko Wainwright
  • Fission and Fusion  | Massimiliano Fratoni and Ed Morse
  • Nonproliferation and Nuclear Security | Jasmina Vujic and Karl van Bibber
  • The Lifecycle of Nuclear Fuel | Haruko Wainwright and Massimiliano Fratoni

Course description: This seminar will provide an introduction to the multitude of sub-disciplines in nuclear engineering, and a survey of the nuclear technologies that are being researched and developed at UC Berkeley. The course will consist of conversations between faculty in the department of nuclear engineering. This is a good opportunity to learn about the nuclear engineering fields of study, possible career paths of a nuclear engineer, and ongoing research in the Nuclear Engineering department. This is a good opportunity to meet the faculty, some of the graduate students, and some of the senior undergraduate students in the department.

Attendance of the seminars is open to all audiences; you are welcome to invite your nuclear-engineering and non-nuclear-engineering colleagues. The discussion will be lead and moderated by the students in the NE 24 course.

Course registration number: 32925. All majors are welcome. Open to freshmen, sophomores, and transfer students.